CSS stands for case cascading style sheets. These are used in mostly for designing websites and provide them consistent look throughout whole websites. CSS are updated in every website weather to change font color, image, text style or something more we can simply do by updating at software house for website designing. These are common use for all best software houses. CSS is used with HTML and XHTML as syntax. We are already familiar with HTML & XHTML as there well defined tags for websites. In early 1970’s it was started at initial level then with continuous testing process in best software housesthis was officially accepted in 1996. CSS3 is its updated version. Still its working is in process as day by day improvements and supported by different browsers. Although CSS3 is compatible with all features of CSS but it’s in updated version.


As we already discussed that CSS3 has all features similar to CSS but CSS does not criticize any code of CSS. CSS3 is user friendly its basically designed to make your web pages more better in designs and also reduces time for loading as some pages requires much time to load that makes user irritate and bored. It’s used at Soft villathe most famous software house in Lahore and also used in TRG tech that is also among one of the best software house in Lahore. These software houses have hired expertise in domains of software’s so they use platforms of CSS and CSS3 for designing their websites and web pages in best and attractive ways. However ancient time browsers such as IE9 does not supports CSS3 ‘S latest code but for this we need time to update it and then use. On the other hand it’s supported by all latest browsers and is frequently used in best software houses of Pakistan like Soft Villa & Systems Limited etc. CSS3’s most helpful feature is it gives the way to break our text in columns similar to newspaper and is easily readable.


The most common error with CSS use is InternetExplorerErrorModel it destroys shape and style of our web page we have to shift it in smart look by using techniques of CSS. It normally affects column and breadth of our box. CSS main objective is to provide the easiest way with several features to developers working on websites in all software houses of Pakistan. CSS reduces time for download webpages. Its user friendly as code is easily understood it’s self-explanatory and also saves their time for loading. The most popular software house in Lahore Soft Villa is working throughout on CSS and CSS3 with HTML/XHTML tags to facilitate their developers as codes of CSS are self-explanatory mostly and HTML’S slight tags are easy to be understood and randomly used at best software houses.


Using CSS and its different versions can bless you with several benefits.


Using CSS gives your websites consistent looks by simple changes in format or image and then by updating.


Now days we have number of browsers so it’s more compatible through which browser you view. CSS make your website more flexible to be viewed as user wishes to be.


CSS page could be printed with constraint that page will print only content and Logo with navigation.