Difference Between Html and Html 5 Softvilla Solution

HTML stands for hypertext markup language as we all are familiar with its name. It has short tags which are used for any programs for declaration at best software house at different locations in Pakistan. HTML5 is the updated version of HTML and frequently used now in web.


It was initialized in year 1992 by Tim Berners-Lee. In 1989 he further work on it with web HTML and it was published as language mostly preferred by famous software houses of Lahore like Softvilla’s best software house and System’s Limited use it mostly. He was inventor of web as he was searching on computing sections in CERN came up with concept of HTML but at that time he have not much idea that it would be as famous at extreme levels. The term CERN means a place where people who are highly educated with broad thinking and clear concepts meet to work further by sharing their knowledge mostly it happens in best software house as developers and designers meet there. He makes some sample as prototype randomly but later it was named as HTML. People mostly hide their unique ideas form public and works first then deploys the inventories in market for earning but Tim was totally opposite in thinking as he shared his ideas openly on internet with whole world for further discussions and knowledge in year 1990. HTML5 is the updated version of HTML we will discuss it in details below.


DOCTYPE declaration of html is very long if you visit W3school.com website you will see its code.Popular software house of Lahore like Soft Villa’s and others also take material from W3schools website.Whereas HTML5 declaration is very short and simple easy to understand.Characters coding are also extreme lengthy in HTML.Characters encoding in HTML5 are mostly short and easily understood.Mostly people believe that audio/video is HTML’s part but actually it’s not.Audio/video is part of HTML5 its tags are defined as it <audio>  and <video>.

As we already discussed that HTML is old versioned so java scripts are not run in this.In HTML5 java is run in background as its updated version so it has facility.

Mostly browsers do not support HTML because of its old version.

HTML5 is used everywhere as it’s supported by all browsers due to latest version.Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera these all are latest browsers so have support of HTML5.

All previous browsers have support of HTML due to its old version as in Pakistan’s popular software house like SoftVilla uses different browsers so it’s supported by all for user easiness.

We have not facility to draw shapes with smart art in HTML such as rectangles, circles or something we are required however these all are possible by HTML5.

HTML5 is the fifth version of html so it supports very advance browsing techniques. We have other languages with extensions like XHTML is extensible hypertext markup language.


HTML5 is the updated version of HTML and it’s mostly used to design websites at SoftVilla best software house by its well defined tags. Its tags have always starting and end point starts with symbol< and ends up at> if someone skips any of these symbol error messages will be displayed. It also provides offline catching facility which means users can download or watch web pages while offline. Like you visited website several days ago and without having internet connection if you wants to copy material from that webpage still you can while offline. It’s also optimized with mobile phones to make websites and view them. No one can deny from its importance its easy and well declared tags helps us and raise our interest to be familiar with its basics.