PHP stands for hypertext preprocessors and we all are familiar with it. It estimated that PHP is installed on two-forty four millions of websites. It provides most easy script and developers in software house are very familiar with PHP they use it in their heavy websites designs. If someone says PHP is developers favorite then its right as its code is free available on internet. Word press and Facebook are most popular websites and their specialty is that these are development of PHP it’s used in best software houses of Lahore.


ASP .NET the most common and used language developed by Microsoft to make web pages or web applications. ASP stands for active server web pages used for development of web pages. ASP runs on .NET framework is used by famous software house of Lahore. In Soft Villa’s its designed free scripts are available on web and they use it to develop websites. As we already discussed ASP is a Microsoft product so only their costs is applied else it’s totally free. Its users require windows hosting costs just.


People in software house are very choosy while selection of their systems. They believe if we select their web host similar to their systems then they would be matched and it would be problematic. Developers are not concerned to this because you don’t have to run something from system to host or host to system so no one should choosy for their systems compatibility instead they should concern while choosing their hosts.


Windows and Linux are totally different systems for hosting. Linux is most commonly used by best software house of Lahore such as Soft Villa’s and others. Developers trusts Linux more as it’s providing them with several features that are fulfilling their requirements for websites designs as they need for software house and other purposes. Windows applications are such as visual basic c# and or MSSQL etc works on windows. For most windows applications you need to have windows license or else you need installations on your systems else you are not able to run its applications. Most popular software house of Pakistan they are rich in working and finance so they take license for their users but users at initial levels such as students they install it on their systems at home and work.


It provides easiness for those who do not like to read lengthy explanations such as ASP.NET they can work with windows platforms Linux, MSSQL and others as developers experience says working with UNIX is easy and all codes and scripts are available online in PHP so users or developers simply see tutorials online and watch videos on you tube to familiar with PHP and ASP.NET platforms it makes your life easier as developed by expertise since 90’s. These languages are very popular and mostly preferred by best software house of Pakistan as used frequently in Soft Villa and others.